Amr Mostafa

Full-stack Software Engineer

Cairo, Egypt


Current Full Stack Software Engineer at TopTal, working remotely with teams in the US and the EU. 10+ years experience in backend/frontend development, API design & security, systems engineering & architecture.

Work Experience


USA & EU (Remote)
Software Engineer
Sep, 2016 – Present

Build and ship multiple products and features on a full-stack software engineer role

  • Design, implement and scale micro-service oriented solutions
  • Build responsive UIs using React and Angular
  • Implement APIs/backends using: Java, PHP, Python, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, RabbitMQ
  • Implement UIs using: ES6, Typescript, React, D3 and Angular
  • Implement and contribute to sysops/devops using: Gitlab CI, Docker, Kubernetes and AWS

Mubasher International

Cairo, Egypt
Technical Lead
Sep, 2012 – Aug, 2016

Led engineering team to design, launch and maintain new business products and features

  • Improved team performance and efficiency by identifying and measuring KPIs for key processes
  • Led project to create a new UI layer for the main Java-based product from start to finish
  • Designed & led implementation of critical API layer, with a RESTful layer and an AMQP/RabbitMQ layer, using Spring and Spring Integration
  • Implemented and deployed services monitoring solution which decreased our outages and increased our error response rate by orders of magnitude
  • Wrote technical documentation including API specs & docs, system architecture, style guide, infrastructure and deployment guides
  • Led devops and sysops team-wide
  • Key Technologies & Tools: Java, Spring, Spring Integration, Hibernate, Python, PHP, Laravel, nginx, Linux, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Gulp, Salt, Vagrant, SASS, AngularJS


Cairo, Egypt
Team Lead
May, 2009 – Dec, 2011

Led the development & sysops for a high-traffic product (traffic ranked 11xx on Alexa worldwide)

  • Developed various new product features using PHP and Java
  • Scaled and improved performance of the online community (vBulletin-based) platform by 300%
  • Analyzed, reported and prioritized scalability and performance bottlenecks through the complete stack
  • Set and maintained team processes, tools, guidelines, practices, conventions and standards
  • Key Technologies & Tools: PHP, Drupal, Zend Framework, MySQL, Git

IT Synergy

Cairo, Egypt
Head of Software Development
Jul, 2007 – Dec, 2008

Managed projects from proposal to implementation and contract closure.

  • Bootstrapped projects, assembled teams, prepared schedules, cost, system features break-down, kick-started different project processes and saw them to closure
  • Set and maintained team processes, tools, guidelines, practices, conventions and standards
  • Explored new ways, technologies and approaches for improving the software development practice company-wide
  • Implemented web application for the United Nations Development Program in Spain, allowing hundreds of their experts to remotely collaborate on their yearly strategic plan, using PHP Drupal with advanced custom modules. It was later deployed to other regional UNDP offices using Drupal install profiles
  • Key Technologies & Tools: PHP, Drupal, Zend Framework, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, Subversion, GIS, MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, KaMap!

IT Synergy

Cairo, Egypt
Senior Software Developer
Jul, 2005 – Jun, 2007
  • Developed modular two-way SMS sending/receiving API using Python for our hardware
  • Build web applications from creative UI design to implementation and delivery, using PHP/Drupal with custom modules
  • Mentored juniors and new comers
  • Designed and implemented the UI of GIS Decision Support System (DSS) for Water Management based on environmental balance. The project brings the GIS technology used in the DSS to the web, using open source components and libraries


Cairo, Egypt
Full-stack Developer
Jul, 2001 – Jun, 2005

Development and day-to-day maintenance of a high traffic product, ranked between 3k and 10k amongst global worldwide traffic according to

  • Developed new features and custom modules using PHP and standard XHTML/JS/CSS
  • Ran sysops for the LAMP stack running the main product
  • Designed UI for new portals, features and components using Adobe Photoshop


New Cairo Academy

B.Sc in Information Systems
Sep, 2003 – May, 2007



Java, Python, PHP, Micro-services, APIs design & security, Spring, JAX-RS, Laravel, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka


Javascript & ES6, React, Typescript, D3, Angular, HTML, CSS/SASS


AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Gitlab CI/CD, Ansible


Contributed to various open-source projects, most importantly:


Sean Lyons

... Amr is a fantastic communicator, a diligent developer, and consistently delivered value to our team at CommonBond ...

Justin McCune

Amr is one of the finest software engineers I've ever worked with. He showed initiative multiple times, going above and beyond-- solving problems sometimes using his own resources, working beyond what was asked/required, ...

Marwa Solayman

Amr is one of the best leads –if not the best- I’ve dealt with during 12 years working in the IT field, ...

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